Prodigy D3, Air


The nicest air bubble plastic out there.

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This is what Prodigy has to say about their Air plastic – “Air is one of the most exciting plastics to be introduced to the disc golf scene. Our revolutionary 400 series base resin that has become a favorite of Canadian Open, Japan Open, US Open, European Open and World Champions has been modified to create a spectacular-flying, absolutely beautiful looking disc.
D3 more like D you later.
Prodigy Air will be available in a weight range from 148 grams to 162 grams. The grip, feel and performance are sure to become the new standard for all players looking for the highest quality disc in lighter weights.””ST-82632


D3 Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 12Glide: 6Turn: -2Fade: 2See ALL our D3s


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