S-Line TD2

You have an S-TD2? Probably HPV, right?

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Not everyone can be a natural born disc cannon. Anyone can still throw far, given the right tools.

The Discmania TD2 lets the thrower experience the full flight of the disc even at lower launch speeds. The TD2 is a very understable driver with high glide ratio, so that it stays in the air noticeably longer, giving the extra distance to those who hunger for it. Advanced players can exploit these features in roller shots or long turnovers.

Are you frustrated with low distance? Let the TD2 fly you to your new distance record!

Good for: Maximum distance drives for beginners, rollers and long turnovers for advanced players.


TD2 Flight Chart

Hybrid Driver

Speed: 10Glide: 5Turn: -4Fade: 1See ALL our TD2s


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