Soft Voodoo

I can feel this stamp staring into my soul.. in a good way.

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This rounded-edged small bead Gateway putter has qualities of both the Wizard and Magic. Gateway’s website describes it like this:

I found the Voodoo to be similar in stability to the Wizard when putting with the subtle fall off of hyzer at the very end of 30 and 40 foot putts.

When thrown harder ( 60- 80 foot) the stability was closer to the Warlock with just the right amount of predictable fade.

The biggest surprise was when I really threw them hard. They seemed to have just as much resistance to turn as a Wizard, but definitely FASTER and the fade was about a ZERO. I threw some shots of about 250-280 feet on dead ropes and the disc barely moved 2 feet one way or another the whole way.


Voodoo Flight Chart

Flight Information

Speed: 3Glide: 4Turn: 0Fade: 1See ALL our Voodoos


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