Solar Basket Light


Permanently attaches you most basket to brightly light up your basket for glow golf or night putting!

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These solar-powered basket lights are intended for permanent, or at least long-term installation. They are weather-proof, and have automatic switching; when set to ON, they will stay off during the day and come on every night. The included mounting hardware is compatible with most commercial disc golf baskets. There are three brightness levels: LOW is perfect for dark property; HIGH is ideal in areas of significant light pollution. In full sun, brightness HIGH will still be on at dawn. MED or LOW is recommended for partial shade. The LEDs are recessed far within the reflector so that players won’t see them directly (except for on very elevated baskets); only the reflected light off the basket and ground is visible. This means that even on the HIGH brightness setting, the illumination will be gentle enough to protect your night vision.


The mounting hardware is compatible with these two types of basket configurations:
YES – 1) portable baskets that screws together with a threaded cap on top
YES – 2) medium- or heavy-duty portable or permanent baskets that have an open pipe (or plastic-capped pipe) sticking out the top. The pipe will have a bolt going all the way through, where it holds up the top band and chains.

The mounting hardware is NOT compatible with the following two types of baskets:

NO – 1) Light duty baskets that have an open pipe (or plastic-capped), but does not have a cross-bolt. Rather, the top band and chains will be attached with a wing nut or something similar. The inner diameter of the center pipe will be 1″ (25.4 mm). We can provide the necessary fittings, but you will need to contact us in advance for instructions.

NO – 2) Older baskets that have a vertical metal disc indicating the hole number. Our solar-powered lights do not fit these baskets, but our rechargeable lights work perfectly for this basket style (and all other styles).


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