Star VCobra

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VTech on the Cobra is here!

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Manufacturers are trying to put the most weight around the outside of the disc in an effort to get straighter, longer gliding flights. Innova does this with their V-series discs.


VCobra Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 5Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 2See ALL our VCobras

1 review for Star VCobra

  1. wulfusboof

    I used to be an avid Roc thrower – still love them – but i traded in my beat up DX Roc for a DX Cobra because i prefer the shallow beaded rim and it flies exactly like a beatup Roc right out of the gate. Decided to give the VCobra a whirl, absolutely love it. The rim is a bit less shallow than the DX Cobra but not as deep as Rocs or Mako3. I’m a hard thrower and it’ll fly straight no matter how hard you throw it, will move either perfectly straight or slightly right and finish soft left. It can handle wind perfectly, i have no fear of serious turnover blunders…i prefer it in the wind to my champ Roc3. It’ll also glide far as hell – you could call it a mid/fairway driver hybrid if you really want because the distance you get is huge for a mid. Great disc that nobody ever talks about.

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