Star Wolf


The Wolf in a plastic other than DX!


Massively understable and slow, the Wolf is a great choice for beginners, and those with slower arm speed. This disc will help you get a straight shot if you don’t have the power to turn it over. Just give it some time though… you will. Also good for mind bending hyzer flips that can resemble a question mark that fell on its side.

Check out what Innova has to say about the Wolf on their website.

This thumbtrack disc enjoyed a brief heyday with the short-attention spans of New England disc golfers. An excellent straight-flying mid-range driver with very little fade, this baby from Innova can be used for everything anhyzer all the way to a roll. Just make sure the grass is mowed.


Wolf Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 4Glide: 3Turn: -4Fade: 1See ALL our Wolfs


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