Strata Tara iti, 1st Run

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In strata plastic this will be less stable and nice for hyzer flips!

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In strata plastic this will be less stable and nice for hyzer flips!

Tara iti

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Hybrid Driver

Speed: 10Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 2See ALL our Tara iti Discs

1 review for Strata Tara iti, 1st Run

  1. Baysinger

    The brand new Tara Iti from RPM Discs is an absolutely amazing disc. Lots of RPM fans who have already thrown it are comparing it to the FR Mint Pekapeka which is fairly overstable compared to most Pekapekas. I would agree with this assessment for the most part, however I would say that the Tara Iti has less turn and more fade. When thrown flat it will ride straight forever and then dump out at the end rather than it trying to fade at the very end of the flight. When thrown on anhyzer, it will definitely take that turn and push for quite some time and then once again, dump out at the end of its flight but with much more pushing fade than on a flat release. And of course, as with most overstable fairway drivers, if you throw the Tara Iti on hyzer, it’s just gonna hold that hyzer line for the entire flight. It will try to push forward on that hyzer line in it’s flight but unless you absolutely mash on it, it isn’t going to flip up to flat. This is a very angle dependent disc! It literally does what you tell it to do with your angles. In comparison to RPM’s other overstable fairway driver, the Huia, the Tara Iti gets much more glide but I believe it will still stand up to the wind if thrown on the correct angle. This disc is going to be an absolute staple in every RPM throwers bag because it is ridiculously trustworthy! If you are looking to get a flippier version of the Tara Iti, don’t be scared to grab one in the Strata plastic because I have actually experienced some good turn before that reliable fade with the Strata Tara Iti. All in all, this was a spot that RPM was missing in their fairway lineup and they absolutely nailed it with a Tara Iti. For those of you who have been dealing out the big bucks to get a FR Mint Pekapeka, save yourself some money and grab a Tara Iti or two. I promise you will love it!

    If you want to see the Tara Iti in flight, check this Tara Iti review:

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