SuperColor ESP Glow Buzzz 2018


Get your chainsaws ready!


Continued from long description of X-Out Gold Line Saint Pro, Bur.

I introduced it to the Austrian National team during a game against the French, and my teammates latched onto it pretty much like all men’s ultimate teams doing it for the first time, namely as if it were the greatest, funnest thing in the world, like we were breaking barriers, which in a sense we were, though they were only little ones in our heads. We thrashed France soundly, and they took it as a personal insult, which was okay with us since we pretty much hated the French team, pissy little bastards that they were.

Once while traveling with the Atlanta team to a tournament in Tennessee, we realized we had forgotten to borrow suitable (wreckable) outfits from our girlfriends and decided we needed to stop at a flea market to purchase the requisite female apparel. Which game are we wearing dresses? Someone would always ask. As matter-of-fact as if we were deciding whether to play zone or man-to-man defense…continued in long description of Prodigy d5, 400.


Buzzz Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 5Glide: 4Turn: -1Fade: 1See ALL our Buzzzs


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