X-Out C-Line MD3

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What would Eagle do?

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You guys know Eagle right? This kid cant drink a beer (yet) but he can throw 800 feet with his eyes closed. Long story short, he bags four MD3’s. If that isn’t enough to convince you, I’ll ramble a little more. The MD3 was designed to handle all the power any player could pour into it. Its somewhere between challenging and impossible to turn over, and the disc will always fade at the end of its flight. Discmania hit a home run with this one.


Here is a video of Eagle throwing a Glow MD3 1000 feet.


MD3 Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 5Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 2See ALL our MD3s

1 review for X-Out C-Line MD3

  1. Keene Inafuku (verified owner)

    Was really excited to try out this Disc 🙂
    But unfortunately… i don’t think this is as overstable/very overystable as stated (and seen)
    Also, Received this disc is stamped on the back as a “S-Line MD3”

    Throwing this particular disc is more of a low Stable to very understable flight pattern.
    i dont think i could even consider it a broken in type of flight pattern with the amount of turn this disc had.

    Maybe its the type of plastic?
    Im hoping to try out the C-Line MD3 in the near future.

    The feel of the rim/disc/plastic is great. No complaints there 🙂
    Only the flight of the disc itself is quite odd considering seeing alot of videos on the MD3 being very overstable to overstable.

    Anyways, thanks for reading!

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