Disctroyer sprung up in the disc golf world in 2019 with the PDGA approval of their first disc, the Starling (Kuldnokk). They are the first, and currently the only disc golf company producing in Estonia.

Disctroyer initially began after their founding members noticed inconsistencies in other disc golf manufacturer’s discs run to run because of color. Which, to them, raised the question: why isn’t there a company that keeps color consistent?

While most companies strive to produce as wide a variety of colors as possible, Disctroyer’s focus is completely different. They have simple color coding and stamping systems for their discs that make speed and stability clear. The speed is classified as white for distance drivers, yellow for fairway drivers, red for midranges, and blue for putters. The stability is displayed with by a star (more overstable), a circle (straight/stable), or a plus sign (more understable).

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