Ev-7 is (currently) the only disc golf manufacturer that only produces putters. But is focusing on just disc type such a bad thing? Maybe that means their attentive focus on putters will make their putters some of the best in the game?

The EV-7 Penrose was one of 2021’s most exciting putter releases. Its heavy, rubbery feel makes the Penrose stand out. Its bead is smaller than the bead on a Wizard, and its shape is a straightforward amalgam of modern day putter profiles.

Its most remarkable characteristic, however, is making you feel like you can putt, just by being in your hand. And while this strange feeling is certainly an illusion, it is nevertheless one worth pursuing.

As of 2022, EV-7 has three molds available in varying plastics, glow, and signature series. Those molds are the Penrose, Phi, and Mobius.

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