Kastaplast is a Swedish manufacturer who appeared in 2013 on the PDGA’s list of approved discs, and currently has 14 molds in production. While their molds are incredible in many ways, what really sets Kastaplast apart from other manufacturers is their plastic, which is some of the most durable, grippy, and just overall some of the best feeling plastic in the game.

Kastaplast most distinctive disc, the Berg putter sports a spoiler-like thumb track around the top outer edge, and is very overstable. Their most unique disc, the Rask, has a second rim on the bottom. It’s crazy fast and just as overstable. We tested it and, well, it has zero glide and unstoppable fade.

When we test discs, even drivers, we throw them back and forth and often catch them. Not this one. Not without a catcher’s mitt. A catcher’s mask, too, if you’ve got one.

The company’s advanced technological approach to disc design employs 3D printing, computer flight simulations and wind tunnel testing.

As of 2022, Kastaplast is co-owed by Latitude 64, the big dog of Swedish disc golf companies. With this new partnership comes a new generation of Kastaplast discs, including an overstable distance driver that is currently on the drawing board. Latitude assured in their news release of their co-ownership that the new line will have the “typical characteristics of a Kastaplast disc, such as the plastic and overall feel.”

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