Prodiscus is yet another Finnish disc golf manufacturer, and maker of one of the biggest disc golf bags out there, the Prodiscus 30+ Bag.

The 13 discs in the Prodiscus arsenal include everything from putters to distance drivers, and come in three types of plastic: the entry-level Basic, the translucent urethane-based Premium, and the grippier, solid-colored Ultrium.

And Prodiscus’ disc names seem like English with Finnish inflections: FASTi, FLIPPERi, Jokeri, Laseri, Legenda, Midari, Razeri, Respecti, Rocket, Slaidi, Sparta, STARi and Titan. All of these were approved between 2010 and 2016, followed only by one PDGA approval in 2021 for the Troija.

Over the years, the brand’s discs have improved in both range of color and range of weights, while still being a little too heavy in terms of weight, and not quite brilliant enough in terms of color.

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