Zuca carts emerged in 2004, with “patented, super-durable, fashionable carry-all bags.” Their product line continually developed, and gradually expanded into new niches, with the overall goal of providing humanity with an easy way to roll their stuff around rather than carry it.

By 2013 Zuca made first contact with disc golf, eventually partnering with Jeremy Rusco and Dynamic Discs. Zuca’s line of disc golf carts is based on the company’s all terrain cart with two big wheels that’ll go pretty much anywhere. There’s also a wider version of the same idea that’ll fit a traditional disc golf backpack bag.

All of Zuca’s disc golf carts come with a wide array of accessories, including a carry-on cooler, accessory pouch, pencil case, putter pouch, seat cushion — you can sit on it on top of the Zuca Disc Golf Cart comfortably and securely — utility pouch.

There are enough compartments and pouches to lose your lighter for several minutes of frantic searching. Everything is 1st rate quality and design, and if something DOES break, Zuca is one of the best companies as far as standing behind its product.

During a weak moment, I actually got a regular Zuca Disc Golf Cart with several accessories I couldn’t resist when my knew was hurt, and that’s a beautiful cart that can go anywhere, won’t tip over easily, and has an extendible handle. You just grab the handle and roll.

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