Atomic Piwakawaka

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Way too much fun to say.

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“Sneaky long glide”! Nothing is better than a mid range with that description. These are also a very straight flying disc with a 0 turn and a 0 fade. All it does is glide and go straight.

The Piwakawaka was originally called the Arcturus and is approved under MR1 on the PDGA’s list of approved golf discs as of 22/06/07 .

MR1 = Piwakawaka.

Atomic is a premium tough grippy opaque plastic that comes in a range of stiffness and with a variety of colours and effects. This plastic is similar to Innova Star


Piwakawaka Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 4Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 0See ALL our Piwakawakas

3 reviews for Atomic Piwakawaka

  1. edwardaroope

    5/6/-1/0 is it’s true numbers

  2. Baysinger

    Oh my! This disc is incredible! I have no idea how I felt comfortable with my bag before having a Piwakawaka or 2 in it! I am currently bagging one Cosmic and one Strata. The Cosmic Piwak is insanely straight. I know it sounds like I am just hyping the brand up but I have literally NEVER seen a disc fly like this one. You throw it soft on a little bit of hyzer and once it flips up to flat, it literally never deviates from that line. I have thrown a lot of discs that fly fairly straight for me but I have never seen one like this. The Piwak seems to glide until it runs out of spin instead of dumping down at the very tail end of the flight. You could literally be 200′ – 250′ out from someone throwing this disc and literally catch it in the air as it slows down at the end of its flight. I have yet to see another disc that does that and I work at a DG shop so I have thrown a ton of different molds. This disc is so perfect for hitting straight lines and small gaps. My Strata Piwakawaka is more understable than the Cosmic as expected with it being a baseline plastic. I would consider Strata to be more like a stiff KC Pro rather than a bottom of the line base plastic like DX. This thing has hit it’s fair share of trees and there are really no major chunks or gashes in it. I am a left handed player and I absolutely love taking out my Stata Piwak on a right to left turning hole. I put it on a slight hyzer and throw it soft and it will stand up and then start turning over. If I throw it just right it will just turn, turn, turn, instead of the normal turn and burn you get out of stable to understable mids. This disc has literally changed my game. In addition to it working out great for an intermediate level player like myself, this would be the absolute best disc in the entire disc golf market to put into a child or beginners hands. They will able to actually see a good straight flight out of this thing within the first round of disc golf. You can’t tell me we didn’t all want that during our first rounds. Grab yourself a couple Piwakawakas and I promise you won’t be disappointed. The last thing I would like to say before closing out my review on the Piwakawaka is GLIDE, GLIDE, GLIDE!!!!

    If you would like to learn more about the Piwakawaka please consider checking out this playlist with videos all about the RPM Discs Piwakawaka:

  3. benbthetruth

    Literally everyone needs a Piwakawaka in their bag. It is such a unique one of a kind disc. Try to find another disc with the ratings of 6, 6, -3, 0. You won’t haha. The reason I love it is because it’s SO easy to throw and one of the straightest discs ever. I’d say it’s more like 5, 7, -2, 0. PERFECT disc for beginners and Intermediate players to master their form with and carve up the woods with. Will hold the line you put it on. It’s kind of a cheat code to be honest. You point and shoot and it goes where you tell it to. Scott Stokeley raves about this disc. Whenever I meet new players trying to learn a backhand I give them a Piwakawaka and let their eyes light up when they throw it. Flips up to flat and glides for days. Even more advanced players, when they hold it in their hands they always say how good it feels. Overall a great mid range/slow fairway. Fun and easy to throw. Teaches smoothness, finesse and form. And glides so long.

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