Atomic Piwakawaka


Way too much fun to say.

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“Sneaky long glide”! Nothing is better than a mid range with that description. These are also a very straight flying disc with a 0 turn and a 0 fade. All it does is glide and go straight.

The Piwakawaka was originally called the Arcturus and is approved under MR1 on the PDGA’s list of approved golf discs as of 22/06/07 .

MR1 = Piwakawaka.

Atomic is a premium tough grippy opaque plastic that comes in a range of stiffness and with a variety of colours and effects. This plastic is similar to Innova Star


Piwakawaka Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 4Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 0See ALL our Piwakawakas