Blizzard Boss, Wiggins 1108

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1108?!?! Seriously over 1/5 of a mile.


No mention of the 50 MPH desert tailwind on the stamp, but whatever. The Blizzard Boss will help you reach new heights with your distance game!


Boss Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 13Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 3See ALL our Bosss

2 reviews for Blizzard Boss, Wiggins 1108

  1. mackeby05 (verified owner)

    I got mine 138 grams not very consistent flies dead straight with a fair amount of fade at the end.
    But the reason i got this disc was to get a little bit more distance it added about 30ft for me

  2. Desmond

    This disc works well for crushing drives but it is very inconsistent.

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