Glow Atomic Kahu

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A GLOW high speed driver with gentle turn, good glide, and a hard fade

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Kahu Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 13Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 2See ALL our Kahu Discs

1 review for Glow Atomic Kahu

  1. Baysinger (verified owner)

    The Kahu from RPM Discs is an absolutely outstanding disc. This was the first disc I ever threw from RPM Discs and I instantly fell in love with it. Since first throwing the Kahu I have tried all the other discs from RPM and have changed my entire bag over to 100% RPM Discs. Not only does their plastics feel amazing (my favorite plastics are Atomic and Magma Soft) but they have so many great discs in their quickly expanding line-up. But back to the Kahu. The Kahu is a disc that has been released in several different variations. The regular Kahu, the Kahu XG (flippier version with extra glide), and the one-off Kahu OS which is an absolute meat hook that I can only compare to the likes of a Prodigy X1. The standard run of the Kahu is a great reliable overstable distance driver that is sneaky glidey. When I first started testing out the Kahu and XG variation, I noticed that it would get a mild amount of turn for me but still finish with that nice overstable drop at the end of its flight. Normally when I think of a 13 speed stable to overstable driver, I only anticipate a short distance that I can get it out to because of my lower arm speed. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the Kahu and Kahu XG. As mentioned above, it just wants to glide! Sure, it dumps out at the end of the flight, but it doesn’t fight for the stability the entire way. It likes to feel the breeze and stay in the air for as long as it can. I can only assume that is because of the beautiful bird stamp (Kahu or Swamp-Harrier) that you see on the top of the disc. In my experience with the Kahu, the Cosmic tends to be a bit more overstable so if it is a windy day, I will be reaching for my Cosmic Kahu but on a nice calm day, the Atomic Kahu is an absolute workhorse for me. With several variations of Cosmic/Atomic and Kahu/Kahu XG in my bag, I don’t see me needing another distance driver anytime soon. Unless, of course, RPM releases another driver… and in that case, I will absolutely try one out and more than likely bag it as I currently bag at least 1 of every single mold by RPM! Check out some RPM Discs! You will not be disappointed!

    If you want to learn more about the RPM Discs Kahu, please consider checking out this playlist featuring plenty of videos about the RPM Discs Kahu:

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