Grand Orbit Brave, Jakub Semerad ’24


Jakub Semerad’s 2024 Tour Series slightly understable fairway driver!


Czech Phenom Jakub Semerád chose a disc that will be great for all players this season, the new Royal Fairway Driver, Brave. A disc made to carve fairways, the Brave is the perfect understable fairway driver for any player whether a slower arm speed that needs a straight flying disc or a faster arm speed who needs a dependable turnover disc.
Brave features a slightly understable flight path and enhanced glide. Whether you’re an amateur seeking distance, or a pro player executing controlled anhyzer shots, your friends will think you are Brave with your game.


Brave Flight Chart

Control Driver

Speed: 7Glide: 6Turn: -1Fade: 2See ALL our Brave Discs


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