Lava Flare Tasmanian Devil



Very Overstable fairway driver with sweet swirls!

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Very Overstable fairway driver with sweet swirls!
This the V2 run that started in 2023 – It is very flat and a great flicker!
Species Facts:
Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing)
Scientific name: Sarcophilus harrisii
Trophic level: Carnivorous
Speed: 8.1 mph (Maximum, Running)
Gestation period: 21 days (Female)
Length: 2.1 ft.
Mass: 18 lbs (Male, Adult), 13 lbs (Female, Adult)

The species has been listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List in 2008, following the outbreak of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), which has spread through the species in the past 8 years

Tasmanian Devil V2

Tasmanian Devil V2 Flight Chart

Control Driver

Speed: 9Glide: 4Turn: 0Fade: 4See ALL our Tasmanian Devil V2 Discs


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