Marshall Street Retriever Pole

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Marshall Street Logo on a 16 foot stainless steel telescopic disc retriever!

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Marshall Street Logo on a stainless steel telescopic disc retriever!
16 Feet Extended 16.5” collapsed
1.06 LBS (.48 KG)
Claw Hook with hot dip cover
Caterpillar foam handle

4 reviews for Marshall Street Retriever Pole

  1. keltik (verified owner)

    This was the right idea but the wrong execution. I just used it today to retrieve a disc from water, and the pole snapped off. I understand to make an item like this, that is reasonably priced and light weight you end up using less than stellar materials. But now I’m out $25 for the grabber and my disc is still in the water.

    I don’t typically write reviews but this just caught me wrong. I’ve done a lot of business with Marshall Street and this is the first time I’ve been dissatisfied.

    I do not recommend this product unfortunately.

  2. bhough86

    To the above review, this is my fourth retriever I’ve owned… All were 16-18ft when fully extended, I snapped my first two in thorn bushes trying to force it out.

    With that being said, this retriever isn’t poor quality. Like myself, I was naive, and my first two retrievers I broke were from being stupid, I wasn’t being cautious enough; any 16 to 18 foot telescopic aluminum pole has to be very thin, especially at the end. I think knowing how much pressure you’re applying and the angle is key, these things weren’t made to unearth 50lbs of crap in some lake.

    My home course has holes parallel to a fast moving river, if standing in it knee deep it can take your legs out from under you. At full extention this retriever bends with the current, but has yet to snap.

    I’ll take one star off because the grip doesn’t stay on when wet and the hook style head to isn’t for rivers. The lock nut for the hook doesn’t stay very locked, otherwise a great retriever for the money.

  3. Rick Bates

    Love this pole. It has a hole in the bottom of the handle so water drains out when upright. The two prong end is able to retrieve discs much better than the standard single hook. The cushioned handle is more comfortable than the typical plastic ones. It’s been quite durable for me.

  4. asianboyyaj

    Lasted me a very long time until I accidentally snap off the tip from getting caught in my cart. Totally my fault. Great pole retriever and solid metal.

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