Max Wax DG Grip Wax – All Blends


Get a grip in the cold with Max Wax’s Winter Blend!

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Winter Blend – Ideal for 30 to 55 degree weather
Original Blend – Ideal for 55 to 80 degree weather
Summer Blend – Ideal for 80 to 110 degree weather

DG Max Wax | The Original Disc Golf Grip Wax, is a specially formulated grip wax used to apply to your hands for superior grip, control, and distance when you throw.

Coined the Wind Surfer Mini:

It’s a Tournament Legal Grip Enhancer that’s EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE
It’s a Tournament Legal Mini Marker with a true beveled edge shape
It’s got a refreshing “CITRA-DELIC” scent made from a blend of essential oils that help you stay focused during your round
Its a 100% All Natural product. Made with Beeswax and other Natural Ingredients.
This is it… The Original Formula… I hope you all love it as much as we do.

Effective in ANY conditions, not just rain.



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