Max Wax Snap Stick Grip Wax

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Throw under water without losing grip.

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*NOT CHAPSTICK! May lead to liplock if used innapropriately.*

Winter Blend – Ideal for 30 to 55 degree weather
Original Blend – Ideal for 55 to 80 degree weather
Summer Blend – Ideal for 80 to 110 degree weather

The same great grip formula, but now in a convenient new form factor!

We’re sure we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the iconic Windsurfer Mini and it’s unique shape; it put us on the map. And we’re still working towards designing a case for the Windsurfer at your (the fans) request (check our Instagram for details).

But we’ve also learned that there are a lot of you who appreciate function over form and that’s why we’re bringing you “Snap Stick”, the same great grip wax, in recyclable lip balm tubes!

Keeping it in your pocket also helps keep it warm and easy to apply in winter months.

1 review for Max Wax Snap Stick Grip Wax

  1. Stephen Wiese (verified owner)

    Love this product! The chalk bags and powders didn’t give me what I needed to maintain grip, as someone who sweats a lot and plays in a very hot environment. Apply this before I start the round, and once or twice throughout the day, and I have the grip I want consistently. Keep it in every DG bag I have.

    If the chalks and powders don’t get you the grip you need, TRY THIS. Cannot recommend it enough.

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