Neutron Soft Crave, OTB Open 2024



You scream, I scream, we all scream.. for Craves?


“Archaeology is not only the hand maid of history, it is also the conservator of art.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Rediscover an old favorite with the Neutron Soft Crave! Pirate Nate reminds us that the classics are still here for us to enjoy, and you can do just that with this soft variation on the most beloved Axiom fairway disc. These Neutron Soft Craves have molded up a little flatter than normal, so expect them to be slightly more stable than the average Crave – something that might be music to a lot of player’s ears. Excavate even more birdies from the course with the 2024 OTB Open Neutron Soft Crave!


Crave Flight Chart

Control Driver

Speed: 6.5Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 1See ALL our Crave Discs


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