Pro Soft Toro



Another overstable approach disc that’s a little faster than your average putter in a SOFT plastic.

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The Toro is an overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle a lot of torque. Perfect for powerful sidearms and windy conditions.

Introducing a unique and original plastic type in the Innova Discs lineup, the all-new SOFT PRO. As the mellowest, most flexible putter plastic we’ve made so far, our new SOFT PRO is easy to grip and easy to spin, for a consistent, accurate release, even in the wet and cold. Not only is our new SOFT PRO’s velvety finish extra comfortable in the hand, but it also grabs the chains like no other. At 3 times softer than R-Pro and 5 times softer than KC, the extra give in our new SOFT PRO helps absorb chain swing to minimize bounce backs and find the bottom of the tray more often.


Toro Flight Chart


Speed: 4Glide: 2Turn: 1Fade: 3See ALL our Toro Discs


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