Prodigy M2, 400


Sweet predictably overstable midrange from Prodigy.

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Kyle and I had a strange conversation. We were fondling Prodigy discs, and I said in a soft voice lest someone should hear, “Do you think these discs are a little better than everyone else’s discs?”

Kyles eyes widened, and he said, with the liberating joy of someone who finally dares to speak the truth, “I think so.”

It was like we had just, for the first time, allowed ourselves to admit the Emperor has no clothes on.

At any rate, we never spoke of it again. It’s not something you should say out loud. You can get in big trouble.


M2 Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 5Glide: 4Turn: 0Fade: 2See ALL our M2s


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