Prodigy X3, 400

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Have you ever thrown that perfect shot in tight woods? Something that flexes around the trees and always comes back righhhhht when you want it to? Im talking Simon Lizotte on hole 18 of the 2017 Pittsburgh Open. If you missed it, here’s a link. Click me!


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Distance Driver

Speed: 12Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 2See ALL our X3s

2 reviews for Prodigy X3, 400

  1. Riseabove50

    when you are staring down a long straight fairway and can clearly see the pin, what disc do you select? when you need to hit an anny flex shot, what is your go-to disc? when your only option is a forehand hyzer flip shot, what will you use? if you bag an X3 then the answer is simple. this disc can do everything, and it will do it in style. have you ever held one of prodigy’s 400 plastics? it’s like what an innova champion plastic disc would feel like if it got an upgrade. so durable, so firm and yet so forgiving. the X3 is that all purpose work horse you’ve been looking for that will do everything you ask it to. it’s a great disc for both beginners and advanced players because of its versatility. pick up an X3 and you may never but another driver again, except maybe more X3s.

  2. seayhorse

    what riseabove50 said. These are awesome- comfortable and reliable. My favorite disc, which I use for most long distance drives. I only reach for other discs when it’s wide open and placement is less critical.

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