X-Out Prodigy D1 Max, 400

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Flatter and faster

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The new, “Max” series from Prodigy is an effort to increase the speed and glide of some more popular Prodigy drivers. The flight plate is a bit flatter, and the rim is slightly shallower than the regular D1. Good option for windy days.

D1 Max

D1 Max Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 13Glide: 5Turn: -1Fade: 3See ALL our D1 Max Discs

1 review for X-Out Prodigy D1 Max, 400

  1. seayhorse

    the best disc golf $10 I’ve ever spent. D1 Max you complete me.

    This doesn’t exactly fly like the picture. It’s more straighter with a touch of turn. Very controllable distance. You’d think looking at the flight picture this is resistant to turn. It’s not really, so you can throw it on most lines and it will hold and fade back, and fly there fast.

    The rim is more comfortable than the original D1 (or any other non-max), and though it’s wide, it’s not as tall, so it’s easier to grip. If you’re looking for OS, get an X2 or X3. They fade more. This just goes where you throw it.

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