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Axiom is the sister brand of MVP Disc Sports, the industry’s leading maker of overmolded (two-piece) discs. Axiom distinguishes itself from MVP in that Axiom discs’ rims can be any color.

Marshall Street should get credit for Axiom Discs, since I told Brad Richardson that nerd that MVP should make its overmolded discs with different colored rims besides black, or white for glow. Brad said they couldn’t do it because MVP discs are more consistent when their rims are either black or white.

Other colors can have different properties such as density and therefore result in discs of the same mold that fly differently. Well, duh. Still, I could tell the wheels in Brad’s under-abused brain were already turning.

The essence of creativity? Not revealing your sources. If you ask either Richardson Brother if Jason Southwick founded Axiom they’ll say no. But even better, they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy.

MVP/Axiom would go on to completely cut me out of all royalties. Kids today have no gratitude.

Anyway, after Dave McCormack of Gateway showed the Richardson Brothers how to make plastic discs, and recommended making overmolds, MVP came out with an overmolded Voodoo called the Ion. That’s pretty much how MVP started.

So you might say that MVP/Axiom is a McCormack/Southwick creation. And both of us feel that the Richardson boys are doing a fine job with our company.

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