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A decade or so ago I called out huk lab (also called Huk Lab) and their famous TriFly symbol that emblazons so many discs and disc golf paraphernalia.

“You can’t fool me, it’s three hooded figures,” I declared with mock belligerence.

Jay explained patiently that different people see different things. I pretended it was a conspiracy and a cover-up. No one took me seriously and that’s good because I wasn’t really serious. Except I’d like to meet someone who doesn’t think the huk lab TriFly is three hooded figures.

Huklab makes graphic apparel and gear for disc golf. They stencil dye and stamp discs from most major manufacturers, and stamp their various designs and logos on top-notch disc golf clothing. It’s not cheap and it’s not supposed to be. What it always is, is high quality.

In 2008 I wore a long-sleeve huk lab to my 30th high school reunion, and one former classmate asked, pointing at the shirt, if I was into devil worship. I wasn’t. It was my best shirt.

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