MVP Tri-Lit LED Lights


Three times the Lumens!

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Now that the Dark Hours start at about 4pm these MVP Tri-Lit LED’s are more useful than ever! With a little tape these bad boys will attach to the bottom side of your disc to act your beacon at the end of the wooded fairway, probably under the basket. There is only one button between the triangle of LED’s, so even a caveman could harness this power.
**No Disc is included**Only Lights*
I love disc golf and I love little gadgets, meaning MVP’s accessory line turns me into a giddy child with every new release. I wonder if they know that. This time there was something important that I noticed. Some of these LED lights were built better then their brethren. A few colors (Blue, Green, Red, White, and Multicolor) featured a second layer of foam padding to protect them from evil branches and wicked rocks. The rest of the lights, (Orange, Magenta, Yellow, and Turquoise) were constructed more simply, with one layer of foam to protect your little LED buddies. I added a photo of them next to each other for comparison.


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