X-Out Champion Daedalus

Like all of Kenny Lee’s illegitimate children in China: Daddyless. Keep reading.

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So Kenny Lee used to work here and he was such a good worker that we called him “The Machine.” We told his mom and she said she wished he were a machine at home.

Anyway, when we got the Daedalus, we said it was Kenny’s disc because of all of Kenny’s daddyless children in China.

We thought this was a pretty funny joke, because Kenny had never been to China and it seems unlikely he has any children.


Daedalus Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 13Glide: 6Turn: -3Fade: 2See ALL our Daedaluss

Someone pointed out that Kenny’s family isn’t from China, but Vietnam. And Matt Kobel, who has a keen grasp of irony, explained that that’s why it’s even funnier, because that’s racist. Which is a good point. To add to the racism, here is a link to Yikun, the only Chinese disc golf manufacture.


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