X-Out R-Pro Aviar

We just got in up to 25 of every Pro or R-Pro X-Out in Innova West’s inventory (3/13/18).

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The Aviar is, more than any other disc, the Ur-putter of disc golf. It’s the first disc golf putter shaped, well, like an Aviar, the most emulated disc of all time.

One Innova rep reluctantly said about the Wizard that it’s a pretty goof copy of the Aviar. Every company has its own Aviar, either beaded or not beaded. The Yeti Pro Aviar is supposed to be that perfect Aviar with a sunken top. In fact, the Aviar has been made with practically every single Innova plastic blend — KC Pro, JK Pro, Yeti Pro, Champion, DX, Star, XT, wood-infused, and more.

The way to tell how popular a disc is, is to count the number of plastics it’s produced in. I rest my case.

Oh, and one more thing: If you can’t putt with an Aviar, you can’t putt.


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