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Golf disc manufacturer Latitude 64, a few years after it hit the US market, published an open letter detailing its ambitious plans for the future. It ended with something like, “And if we fail, it won’t be for lack of effort.”

It was inspirational, conjuring images of Bjorn Borg — images still inextricably linked in my mind to the Swedish company. It’s an accident, but our dog Ruby is also the name of a Latitude 64 disc.

Fun fact: Latitude 64 is named after the actual global latitude where their company exists, in Sweden.

Quickly, Latitude 64 added more discs, then later teamed with Westside Discs of Finland. Finally both of these Nordic firms joined forces with Dynamic Discs of Emporia, Kansas to form Trilogy.

All three brands have full lines of discs in multiple plastic blends, and although they are all linked as companies, each has its own large and dedicated following.

Part of what makes L64 unique from their brother companies is its dedication to players of all levels. They sport a unique line of “crystal gem” discs that are designed to be easily throwable for newer players. This line of discs, which includes the Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Jade, also draws in female players because of consistent lighter weights run to run, and smaller brim sizes, making them easier to grip for players with smaller hands.

Latitude 64 has over 60 PDGA Approved molds, and most of them are still in production. The Missilen and Raketen share a hexagonally textured top surface which speeds their flight while maybe also reducing glide. They don’t really fly farther, but they do get from Point A to Point B quicker.

Latitude 64 is also a part of the overmold race with its four two-part discs called the Bryce, Gobi, Sarek and Zion.

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