Alpine Hemp Sycamore, Limited Edition


Neutral to understable fairway driver with a limited stamp!


The AGL Discs Sycamore is a neutral to slightly stable fairway driver. The Sycamore is the lone 7-Speed fairway driver currently in the lineup and provides consistent accuracy for those tight fairways or shots where trouble looms. With flight numbers that ring up at 7/5/-1/1 this disc flies straight and with a subtle right to left fade for right-hand backhand throws. The Sycamore has become an instant favorite for all types of players. Faster arm speeds can get some turn out of this disc, while slower arm speeds will have a great tunnel shot, straight flyer. The Sycamore is an awesome disc and one that typically sells out fast, so grab one now!


Sycamore Flight Chart

Control Driver

Speed: 7Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 1See ALL our Sycamore Discs


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