Glow Atomic Tui

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Let’s Glowtui!

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Speed: 3Glide: 4Turn: -1Fade: 0See ALL our Tui Discs

1 review for Glow Atomic Tui

  1. Baysinger

    Where do I even start? The Tui as a putting putter is a five star disc. The Tui as a throwing putter is also a 5 star disc! I am currently bagging the Tui in 2 different plastics. I am putting with the Magma Soft Tui which is absolute money. I have always been a fan of softer plastics for putters and when I first found the Magma Soft Tui, it changed my mind about other plastics on the market that I had previously putted with. The Magma Soft is some of the softest and most grippy blend I have ever felt. The way it feels in my hand is unmatched by any other putter I have ever held. Also, I work at a disc golf shop so I have felt pretty much every putter/plastic blend available in the current market. If you are a fan of soft putters, a Magma Soft Tui is a MUST FEEL! The mold itself is a very shallow putter which fits great in my small hands. Along with using the Magma Soft Tui as my putter, I am bagging another Magma Soft Tui for turnover putter drives and approaches. In addition to the Magma Softs, I am also bagging an Atomic Tui. These are outstanding for a hyzerflip putter shot that will flip up to flat, turn over some and never really come back. These are not quite as understable as the Magma Soft Tui but they are still outstanding turnover putters. If you are a RHBH player wanting a putter that will go right or a LHBH player wanting a putter to go left, this is the perfect disc for you.

    If you want to learn more about the Tui please consider checking out this playlist with videos all about the RPM Discs Tui:

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